Monday, October 17, 2005


Today I was walking along on the Quai de la Megisserie and decided, perhaps unwisely to enter a pet shop. It was full of little fluffy kittens, and this persian kitten was all squished up against the glass. He/she looked so funny and not unlike this:

I couldn't help but laugh and then spent about the next half an hour talking to and playing with these funny little creatures through the gaps even thought there were 'do not touch the animals' signs everywhere. The man at the cash desk kept rolling his eyes but I did not care. At first I thought I should not have come in here, as it just made me miss Lola all the more. But then I wiped away the tear that was rolling down my cheek and reminded myself that I will see her again in only 5 days.

I wish I had taken a photo of the squished persian but I probably would have got kicked out. The owner was not amused at all by my being there so long.There were siamese and these funny Norwegian forest cats too. Oh, my heart melted.

There were dogs too but they were boring.

I know I sound like such a saddo cat freak but I honestly don't care.

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