Thursday, January 05, 2006


This morning I was rudely awakened by the telephone. Then I went back to bed where I had a dream that involved snogging one of the Osmond brothers. Which one I couldn't say. So the day already contained an element of weirdness.

I felt quite warm so donned my lovely new Rutzou shirt (bought in the Selfridges sale reduced to £22 from £90. A ridiculous bargain. Fashion always sneaks in to these posts even when I don't mean it to.)
But when I stepped outside it was freezing. Driving along I became aware that there was literally NO ONE around. No other cars, no people, dogs, no one. The sky was a beautiful, eerie pinkish grey. For a moment I really believed that some kind of glitch had occured in the time space continuum. A tear in time and I had slipped through somehow to have the world all to myself. I was happy to have the world to myself for a while, felt lucky even. I could have time travelled and although my watch said 1pm, was it? It seemed more like 5am. And where had I travelled to in my sleep (except my tongue travelling down Donny or whoever's throat) that had left me feeling this jetlagged? Tiny flakes of snow began appearing on my windscreen, then disappeared.

I arrived at my favourite cutest cafe and it was empty. The owners were there but I could have dreamt them. No customers. At lunchtime on a working day. The windows were so steamed up I couldn't see outside so sat, doodling in my notebook and drinking a - I'm pretty sure it was a real mochaccino. The Girl from Ipanema played on the stereo. I was waiting it seemed. After some time the sun came out and flooded the cafe with light, and gradually the place filled up. People ordering sandwiches, the phone ringing, chatter, toing and froing. The world was switched back on again.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... It is a real movie! I know the feeling... It is strange and wonderful at the same time. I can hear the quietness and the silence...

Thank you!

Fran├žois Brunelle

cosmic said...

Dear L.I.B (as I fondly refer to you!), just checked out your flickr, and you have a great eye, your pics have a kind of 50's retro style, whilst being utterly fresh and modern. I always feel calm after reading your posts...beautiful. And I want to check out that designer you mentioned, and urm maybe add him to my contacts ;)CIAOzi

Bombay Beauty said...

Strange - no, correction, cosmic - I had a similar dream. I was talking with a friend of mine, who I've always thought (logically speaking) should have been my girlfriend and after a couple of years my wife. And suddenly we were at it. Indeed, it. It was a bit surprising naturally, though not unpleasant. Then I woke up. Relief. In reality I find her quite annoying (like much logic...) How were the Osmonds by the way?

The other cosmic half is that when I left my house there was also a pale blue sky fringed by an incipient red glow, like a fancy wrapping paper (hate it when I write like that). And there were just a few cars dribbling by. And no one on the street really other than a homeless man. Well, that kind of thing tends to happen when you leave your house at 6.30.

Wonderfully yours,


Anonymous said...

Yikes-- shagging an Osmond! That can't be good.

Thanks so much for stopping in at my site. I'm very glad to have discovered you--- and yes, that photo is from my front yard and you can pitch a tent anytime . . as long as you're not sharing it with any Osmonds . .