Monday, March 20, 2006


I should probably just re-name this blog the APC Comptoir des Cotonniers Isabel Marant Marc Jacobs Rutzou Vanessa Bruno Crealine cleanser blog. It could be like one of those ebay listings where a pair of cheapo knackered shoes are listed as 'Sienna Kate Chanel Dior Louis Vuitton.'

Such is my allegiance to my favourite brands, I do tend to mention them on a fairly regular basis. I am trying to widen my circle, but as has been pointed out to me many times, I have very particular taste. I am also extremely loyal. I realised the other day that my APC love affair began 14 years ago. 14! Although I can wear many of my 'archive' APC pieces (except the jeans which look like they belong to a gangly 9 year old) that have not dated at all, I find myself with the same excited feeling about visiting the store(s) in Paris this week.

It is rare for me to find something new that I like. When I do, I get truly obsessed. It's the same with beauty products. I plan to haul 10 bottles of Crealine cleanser home from Paris. If you'd been through half the shit I have with my skin over the years, you too would stockpile the one thing that calmed it. Wouldn't you?

So, suspicious of putting anything on my skin that I have not thoroughly researched - by myself without any sales chit chat, I was slightly wary of putting my face in the hands of the Benefit make up counter girl. I was only there because my friend was buying something. It was the end of a busy day, I was tired - nay emotional, my face was grey, my eyes were bloodshot. She said 'let me put some make up on you' and for some reason I agreed to what I would usually perceive as torture: Sitting on a high slippery stool, under the glare of artificial light, having a stranger a few centimetres from my pores, rubbing wax and oils that I'll probably have an allergic reaction to in to my skin whilst hard selling me the entire range. By lying. Like: 'It actually resurfaces your entire skin within 3 weeks madam, it's the green tea extract you see.'

But no hard sell, just rather relaxing patting and blending of assorted light reflecting, colour correcting fairy dust and magical potions until amazingly my red eye was gone. In place of my sluggish complexion was a glowy, natural healthy looking me. I honestly felt better which is strange. I wonder if I would have felt any different had I not looked in the mirror. My friend kept asking just what exactly they had used on me. But was it the products or the application? The contents of my bathroom cabinet would not look out of place spread out on the make up table backstage at a fashion show, but I have never been able to achieve the effect my new best friend/personal make up artist/soon to be kidnapee did.


Anonymous said...

Dreamy post! In perfect brand-as-spiritual-slash stylish-expression world, I would live in a peaceful polyamourous commune with APC, Vanessa Bruno, HEMA and of course, Dr Hauschka. In a Missoni treehouse with many rooms and daily tea service by Mariage Freres.

-Lux Lotus

Anonymous said...

oh I think it's one of life's pleasures to find great products especially since the very best ones tend to be hard to come by and thus it makes the finding/receiving them all the sweeter. i do the same thing--- my latest addiction is to Diptyche candles. they're just candles dammit but GOD I must have them and no other candle will do.


Julia said...

Decided not to lurk and say hello because I loved this post (especially as I jinxed you with the APC adoration on my blog too)!

So, did you buy anything from Benefit? I had a great lipgloss but it melted :-(