Wednesday, April 19, 2006


A while ago everything was half price at the Fresh counter in Selfridges.
I meant to tell you about it - really I did, but I was too busy stockpiling Soy Face Cleanser, Honey Face Scrub, Rose Face Mask, candles, Supernova mascara and basically anything I could get my mitts on in a frenzied attack. It's all gone now, and no more Fresh at Selfridges, one of my favourite beauty brands. Replaced by the evil Dr Sebagh, well the name sounds evil and the products are a bit too pseudo medical for my taste. So it seems that sadly Fresh is leaving the UK, or hopefully just their in store counters are and they will keep the Fresh boutique in Marylebone High Street.

Why am I telling you this now? To rub your noses in it that I got truckloads of now unavailable beauty bounty and you didn't?

No - because yesterday I saw that Peter Jones has 50% off all their Fresh stock as well and there's loads left. So go!

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Anonymous said...

EEEEk you lucky duck!

Fresh is so yum. I love their sake bath oil.