Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Was it so terribly naughty of me to buy the flutter top from the APC madras/Jessica Ogden collection? Even though I have two other white pieces of clothing hanging in my wardrobe as yet unworn?

How I justify this purchase:
Usually everything I want from APC is sold out.
If I don't get it now, it will be and I'll regret it.
I haven't ordered anything from the catalogue for years. I used to order a whole load of stuff each season. One piece? Very restrained.
I still wear most of my APC pieces. Timeless = good investment.
I didn't buy anything at APC - not even a notebook, the last time I went to Paris.
I wanted the ecru crochet neck dress but when I saw it in person it wasn't that great. (Block out that I did actually buy a perfect dress by Isi that is like the beautiful lovechild of the APC crochet dress and the Chloe babydoll dress).
I bought a white dress yesterday so I got the flutter top instead of the dress. Not the same thing at all.
It is just so exciting to receive a package from APC, it takes me back to my teenage years. Something to look forward to instead of bills.
It's only ONE thing. Very restrained. Very sensible.

And finally: I keep hearing that APC will show on the fashion week schedule next season and are otherwise expanding, making themselves more visible (and more mainstream?) as a brand.
For some reason this annoys me. Jean Touitou is entitled to do whatever he wants but I always think, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.


lottie said...

Ha! I was showing that top online to my boy last night, expressing how much I simply had to own it. I don't think he understood... Good girl for getting in there quickly before it sells out.

Lola is Beauty said...

Be quick Lottie!

lottie said...

Seems like I wasn't too late... it is on its way to me. Nearly stumbled over the yellow belted jumper - I've been eying it in Liberty - but I couldn't justify it as a summer purchase in any way shape or form. Perhaps it will end up in the Liberty sale...

Julia said...

Yes, I think that's my favourite from this collection! So glad you both got it! I can't wait to hit the Paris store in late June.