Friday, May 12, 2006


After all the Prada rumours it's now been confirmed that the next designer collaboration with H & M will be Viktor & Rolf. Those lovable Dutch conceptualists. It's sure to be interesting - I hope their take on tailoring will translate using cheaper methods of production. They are clever boys, so I'll be there in November when it's launched. I know everyone will say it won't cause as much of a stir as Stella. But the Celia Birtwell for Topshop range sold out in about 5 minutes and I'm sure not that many people know that she was responsible for Ossie Clark's prints. So although the V&R for H&M collection is focusing on city stores I will be sneakily finding the least likely to be popular location to snag it from. Not that that worked last time. One things for sure: on launch day the Oxford Circus branch of H&M will be turned upside down.

Photo: Wendelien Daan / image source

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eurobrat said...

I am definitely lookiing forward to their designs! Hopefully, face cages a la last season won't be involved.

I went to {what I thought would be} a quiet H&M for the Stella launch- I still have the scars from the fingernails of crazed fashionettes.