Friday, June 30, 2006



This was the easiest, fastest 'This week...'(I'm really starting to wish I'd come up with a more succinct title) shot I've ever taken. This girl looked great. She didn't bat an eyelid when I asked to take her picture. Pose, click, thank you! And all while she was still talking on the phone. I guess I wasn't the first person to ask! Bags seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Can we call it a trend or do we just need to carry around more stuff? I love her patent sandals and clutch bag against the big slouchy bag.

Notice both these girls are wearing leggings and looking pretty damn sophisticated don't you think? I know we're supposed to be all anti leggings now and say they're so over. But isn't that only because people want to be the first to say a trend is dead?
If it looks good, I say wear it.
She also had a super ginormous bag but she put it down for the photo.
She is standing in front of a piece at Tate Modern by Joseph Grigely called 167 white conversations. The artist is profoundly deaf and collected all the pieces of paper people had written phrases on when they got stuck in conversations over the years.
My mum was also deaf - I recognised this so well; little drawings of things and scrawled random phrases. I wish we'd thought to keep them as well.

Everybody is wearing white rimmed aviator sunglasses. I did ask the model to put the sunglasses on her eyes, not propped on her head like some kind of Chelsea yummy mummy, but she refused. Girls these days just can't take direction.


cozzi said...

yes I've notcied how 'legging fever' is gripping the capital...better get 'into the groove'

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Anonymous said...

Oh I saw the Joseph Greigly exhibit when I was in NYC about three years ago-- it was my favorite art experience aside from going to the Folk Art museum.

Speaking of exhibits, I read in The New Yorker (7/3/06) about a Balenciaga exhibit opening in Paris next week (7/6) that sounds positively fabulous! I know you are in London-- but if you could skip over the pond-- could be sensational-- it's at the Musee de la Mode et du Textile.

P.S. Thanks for your encouragement--- it means so much to me.

Moi said...

Hi I love your blog! By the way, I just read in the American Harper's Bazaar that leggings are definitely back! London is looking really stylish :)

Lola is Beauty said...

Z pointed out that the girl in the first pic is designer Camilla Staerk. Hard to tell with those shades covering almost her entire face but I think she's right.

Julia said...

Oh I love her. The bag, everything.