Monday, July 24, 2006


I know, I know, you're expecting me to go on about how it's so hot I can bake cakes inside my car, my washing dries in three seconds and Lola is wearing a sun hat.
Yes it is bloody hot and only one of those other statements is true but it's hot everywhere and damn, I'm not going to complain about it. My first summer on earth was the legendary heatwave of '76 man. I can handle it.

Everything has kinda sloooowed down though. Procrastination is my new middle name. It has worked in my favour so far: An angry letter I wrote on Friday didn't get posted because well, I didn't have a stamp and I couldn't be bothered to buy one because I was too busy shrieking and leaping around in a 2 metre jet of water at Somerset House like a drought starved tribeswoman whose prayers for rain have just been answered, wearing a bikini that came free with Elle. When I got home there was an answerphone message from the would be recipient of the letter, thus eliminating the need for quite such a strongly worded missive.

Also, I have been dithering over whether or not to do a textile/print course. I love print, but I'm not so good with structured learning environments, they make me want to be naughty and bunk off to drink cappuccinos. I also really don't like being told what to do or critiqued and um, I have a big problem with authority. And my prints might be crap! So I was umming and ahhing and finally called them up. The course has been cancelled!

I really feel that my procrastination is in tune with the universe.

What is a bit out of sync though is that all I can think about are winter clothes. Can I talk about winter clothes yet? Pleeeeasse! It seems peverse but it's really exactly the same as when you got all excited in the summer holidays because you knew you'd get to go to Eric Thomas school outfitters to pick out your new school uniform, and then to WH Smiths for a new pencil case. Only now I find myself thinking "I'd really like some long gloves, at least elbow length - maybe leather but not black, perhaps aubergine only they'd have to be super soft leather to avoid looking kinky." I think this as I fan myself with the winter A.P.C. catalogue which I have taken to flicking through when I can't sleep because my bedroom is like a fucking sauna at night.

This bag is rather lovely with the chain strap although I would like to see it in person.
I know! I'll just dither about it for weeks and then, when I decide to buy it, it will be sold out thus saving me some much needed dosh.

Procrastination: there's always an upside.


Moi said...

Aww I worked at Somerset House one summer two years ago, I loved watching the kids running and dancing along the jets. So refreshing!

Julia said...

I don't like people who don't procrastinate - in the same league as over achievers. And you made me giggle with "I'm not so good with structured learning environments, they make me want to be naughty and bunk off to drink cappuccino's" - a big fat DITTO! This is exactly what I miss about university, I remember little else...

eurobrat said...

Ja, moi aussi! In fact, procrastinate may as well be my middle name this sweltering summer. I like your line about bunking off with cappuccinos (Julia picked it out above)... I'm the same way.