Thursday, July 27, 2006


Claus Porto liquid soaps:

It's somewhat telling that I didn't even bother to smell these, the packaging alone is so amazing. See the whole range here. If anyone ever wants to buy me a gift...

Blue and white:

Especially these plates from Rosanna which come in beautifully designed boxes. Turns out Rosanna is the company that makes those cute pastel mixing bowl sets, cake stands and ceramic cupcake trays I keep seeing everywhere. Makes me want to be all domesticated.

Green and Slimy:
Swimming in The Serpentine. In the second installment of my 'how to stay cool when it's hot: London' series I bravely tested the Serpentine Lido. For £3.75 you can spend all day there and it's enclosed so you can wander round in your bikini unperturbed. And go swimming! It 's a bit murky and it smells like a fishtank, but it's kind of refreshing and it's in the middle of Hyde Park so you can't knock it really.

Found by way of Ms Spinach, the blog it's really hard to mention without mentioning a certain hotel heiress really is hot. Because Katey of online shop One Good Bumblebee tells us about stuff that's hot like Rena Tom (of Rare Device)'s beautiful jewellery. And that's hot. I don't know how either of them finds the time as well as their other ventures, but I'm glad they do.

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