Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I do love a bit of accidental art, and even more so when it fits in perfectly with my 'end of summer, feels like I have to learn to make an effort with my appearance all over again' theme.

I saw a leaf poking out from the edge of this book and when I opened it up; TA DA! This is what I saw. The image is a 1950 Vogue cover by Erwin Blumenfeld. I must have put the leaves there years ago.

I have so many sewing projects, furniture renovation/re-upholstery ideas, other crafty projects, things to sell on ebay and blog posts brewing my head is spinning. One thing at a time.

The most urgent (and easiest) project is 'sleevies'. I can't find any elbow length gloves yet, which is not fair since the shops are full of cheesy Christmas decorations already. Where are the gloves? Even though it's not really cold enough yet my little wrists get chilly because absolutely everything I own, including my trenchcoat has 3/4 length sleeves. So the answer for that tricksy transitional season is sleevies. I have some cashmere sweaters that are too old, shrunken and felted from being thrown in the washing machine to wear as anything but an extra layer under another top. I can't bear to throw them away so I'm going to cut the sleeves off to make armwarmers, (don't laugh, it'll look good, just wait!) and maybe make little vests from the body. We'll see. I'll post the results when I've done it. Hopefully before next spring, eh?

Once the weather turns cold I feel like I need more 'stuff'.
Books, more books, music, films, scented candles, comfort food, MORE snuggly knitwear, blankets, copious cups of tea. A month ago I didn't really need much, just some sunscreen and enough water to drink. A girl could get quite depressed.

My survival strategy also includes getting outside whenever the weather allows and realising that this is the time of year all those stodgy British culinary standbys make sense.

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday which equals: Double Sunday! There were good things and bad things:

The bad: Cooped up indoors being a complete misery guts and hating the rain I had to get outside in the break between two rainstorms. I went for a walk to my local park as the sun was setting. The good: The light was beautiful and it seemed like most of the neighbourhood was out walking their dogs. The cool air on my face made everything seem better.

The good: We tipped the rainwater off Duckie's roof, put it down (perhaps the last time this year, sob!) and headed out to Knole Park in Sevenoaks for a National Trust breakfast of scones and Earl Grey.

Like the little rapscallions we used to be, we spent the day climbing trees, swinging from branches and doing handstands and cartwheels.
The bad: Waking up the next morning with aches and pains in my wrists and places I've long forgotten the names of: That bit under your tricep that goes from your armpit to your elbow? The front of your thighs?

Monday: The good: Finding beloved cafe (which really deserves a whole post devoted to it) Blue Mountain open for breakfast and happily tending to the hungover masses of South East London, with big English breakfasts and cappuccinos. I had The Full Monty breakfast which includes nice thick toast so you can make a bacon sarnie as well. (No photo due to ravenous gobbling.) The bad: Feeling pukey all day because of my breakfast gluttony.

And tonight? Fish and chips mate.


Lilac Stripe said...

Your description of heading out in the rain break on Saturday was how I felt yesterday, in between battling a hangover I headed out for some provisions and was sooo glad I did-late summer sunshine and fresh air was what I needed.

Hester said...

Just found your blog through mirrormirror - fabulous and I love it! Moved from London to Switzerland about six months ago and your writing has given me a little homesick pang for London and London shopping!

Tripping Daisy said...

Mmmm, earl grey and scones. Just reading that makes me wish I was there.

Serena said...

What fun!

Julia said...

Bacon sarnies, scones and Earl Grey, fish and chips - I need warning for such a hunger-inducing post!

Lola is Beauty said...

thanks so much, I didn't realise people were as interested in ahem, healthy English food as in clothes! Glad to hear it - I may soon do a post about milk chocolate hobnobs...the best!

paola said...

I really, really, REALLY like your accidental art.

Lola is Beauty said...

Thank you, Paola, though I suppose I can't take credit for it - it just happened!