Friday, August 18, 2006


Me: I want to see that new film Gael Garcia Bernal's in

C: Who?

Me: Cute little Mexican guy

C: The one who was in that Ananas Peperones film?

Me: That's him

C: Oh yeah? Who directed it?

Me: That guy Michel thingy who did um, Eternal something of the er...

C: Thingummybob

Me: Yeah, and he did all those videos for um, you know...whatchamacallit

C: Should be good

The Science of Sleep (trailer here) isn't out in the U.K until 2019 - no actually it's November. But it's out in France so I'll be able to see it very soon in Paris. Vive La France and doesn't he look cute, I mean doesn't the film look good?

Charlotte Gainsbourg's in it as well. Her new album sounds lovely, although when I hear her and her sister Lou Doillon speak in English it freaks me out a bit. I always think they should sound husky and French, not like escapees from St Trinians.


cosmicopia said...

oh I did chuckles some xx

Julia said...


I can't wait to get 5:55! I ordered Sandrine Kiberlain's CD today, have you heard it?

Lola is Beauty said...

ooh, just listened to a bit on her website.I like...nice hair too