Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Otherwise yesterday's offerings from LFW prompted head in hands wailing of "No, no, no, wrong, so so wrong". I could appreciate what a kick arse cutter Todd Lynn is. The sharp rock and roll leather vibe is not my cup of tea, but compared to white bikinis that made even Lily Cole's thighs look a bit lumpy, polka dot bloomers and mono boob baring leopard print dresses it was a relief to see. There were O.K pieces in the collections I hated but the looks they sent out that no human would ever want to wear overshadowed any potential. Ack, I really was not expecting to have such a negative reaction, and slagging off people's work indiscriminately is not something I aim to do. It's just my personal opinion but I do find the kind of obvious, intended to be headline grabbing desperation of pulling those kind of stunts quite offensive.
One thing I really do like is off kilter preppy, and that's exactly what Peter Jensen's collection was.
I'd rather only mention the shows if I have something positive to say so the old er, commenting on LFW might be a bit less comprehensive than I thought.

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negrito said...

yep i agree, perfect post, nothing to add. oh yes though, I m in London tomorrow but overbusy. see you next time maybe if possible ?

Lola is Beauty said...

hey what are you doing in London? You are the mysterious one but it's my fault I don't ask enough questions! Next time!

gracia said...

Polka dot bloomers and all things "houseguest a go go"... it's a very visual place in your neck of the woods.
take care, g

cosmicopia said...

I wouldnt feel too guilty about dissing LFW blobby old plop that it is. Why do all the talented good guys fly the nest as soon as they get some big fat Italian backer? it doesn't take a genius to work it out!
Ok - maybe its raw, edgy and a springboard for fledgling talent, but not worth an oyster card to view in a shabby old tent when the jist can be caught from the ten million blogs commenting.
I admire your maverness.