Saturday, September 30, 2006


I've been so lazy lately. You know when you keep obsessively reading blogs, then you check your own, expecting it to have been updated? Then..doh!

So Prada and Marni caused quite a stir didn't they? I keep leaving comments on blogs all over the place that posted about them both, so I might as well cobble together my thoughts in one place since...(at this point I have re-written a sentence eight times re: my "unique perspective in the blogosphere" when it comes to both companies and then deleted it due to possibility of getting sued and/or sounding irritatingly coy and witholding. Like that last bit sounds. Gah.) Er, shaky ground. Moving swiftly on!

Even my dad mentioned the Prada show. What jumped out at me were the leather belts. And thank God, those tunics were supposed to be tops not dresses.

I loved the wide bands of brown leather and elastic at Marni worn over thin fabrics - swoon! It was the brown that really got my attention.

I'm not one to jump on every single trend but this one I adapted for myself immediately. Yesterday I wore vintage YSL navy sailor trousers (I still wear them D!) and a burgundy thin cotton APC painter tunic, with a brown second hand men's leather belt that wrapped nearly twice around my waist. It was definitely a nice step on from the wide belts in bright colours everyone's been cinching their waists with for ages.

And yep, I was too lazy to take a photo...

I really like the look of a floaty fabric tunic or dress with a bashed up, very masculine 'boyfriend' belt over the top.



eurobrat said...

Yes, I quite liked the belts too. Especially @ Prada. Thanks for reminding me.

Julia said...

Moi aussi! Can't wait to wear this look!