Monday, October 23, 2006


4.30am: Get up.

5.00am: Drive to C's marvelling at sliver of moon in still pitch dark sky.

6.00am: Load people carrier with clothes until there's only enough room for two passengers to squish onto a seat.

6.30am: Arrive at location somewhere and tuck into bacon sarnie, still in pitch black darkness.

6.45am: Set up 'our room' for flurry of fittings, ironing, pinning, faffing and important decision making such as "which neckline is less friendly?"

9.30am - 12: Stand around in rain watching model on tractor wearing silky negligee and Fendi wellies (which you've proclaimed fantastically tacky) on monitor, periodically restick negligee to model's cleavage.

12 - 12.30: Sit on cold, wet step to eat thankfully edible lunch.

12.30: Meet band. Obligatory banter and chit chat. Iron stuff without ironing board. Approve of band's ability to dress selves and stay reasonably clean and uncreased.

2.13pm: Hear radio crackle with "Urgent de fluff" and run weilding lint roller.
Hang around in case needed. Meet cat named Simon.

4.00pm - 8pm: Hang out with band, re iron one shirt three times which is then not worn at all, babysit superstar chihuauha and kitten in training for stardom, watch monitor, hang out with actor, search for piece of vital missing equipment that's holding everything up. Give up search. Another sent at great expense which is then not used. Develop mild crush on guy on set (Ha!), eat slice of gross pizza standing up for dinner, procure kit kat from somewhere, take headache pill.

8pm - 10pm: Frantic behind schedule stress permeates entire crew, evening hysteria sets in. Make note to self that everything have not put in kit today because never need to use have needed. To own surprise switch object of mild crush. Hang out (hide from being shouted at for no discernable reason) with C in room, leaving only when strictly necessary, sit down or lean on something at every opportunity.

11.00pm: Watch last few shots with zombie like glazed expression. Finally wrap.
Load up people carrier, back to C's. Unload, get in car and drive home clutching new Fendi wellies which you have now decided are just fantastic.

2.00am: Home. Lola. Bed.


eurobrat said...

Very full day- thank goodness for cats. And snacks.

I styled a short film this summer, and thanked the heavens for the lint roller stuck in my back pocket. The entire day was a big 'urgent de fluff'. And cleavage tucking.

Annie said...

Isn't this life glamorous and popular? If I only had a nickel for every time someone told me how cool and fabulous my job is...without their knowing a thing about it.

Once more into the breach!

Bombay Beauty said...

Come on everyone, a big group hug for Lola.


PS At my job, there are three main perks. Free chocolate (I feel guilty if I eat it, deprived if I don't). Free soda (not bad I must admit: just press the button on the soda machine and it pops out). Payday.

cosmic said...

I think in terms of being sued for breach of the 'promo secrets act'- the fendi wellies / missing item are dead giveaways.So where's the photo of gardening in them? V. Funny. x

Serena said...

"To own surprise switch object of mild crush."

That sentence is so me. I'm a crush slut.

Julia said...

I love 'day in the life' snippets, especially when they include 'urgent de fluff' - that is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! you're a rock star! I had no idea--- okay, so the glamour comes AFTER the hard work, but the glamour, she is there.