Saturday, December 09, 2006


Last December I hardly posted at all, which is kind of annoying since I have a memory like a sieve. I'm pretty sure stuff happened in the gaps between posts that was really quite interesting, it's just I didn't have time to record it. It's the little in between-y nuggets I savour when I look back, and when I read other people's posts. Yes, I care what you had for lunch.

I'm always envious of (and grateful to) those who find time to post every day. And those early birds who have time to post before the day begins? I am plain jealous. I wish to be an earlybird more than anything; alas I am forever a nightowl.

I have no idea what I did last year at this time other than attempt to complete a macrobiotic cookery homework assignment whilst in Paris. (By the way do not attempt anything involving brown rice, healthfood or macrobiotics in Paris ever. You will be shamed, defeated and possibly deported.)

Anyway apart from that I don't know what else happened - I was possibly too busy caught up in the fray of soul destroying mindless consumerism (see previous post below) to check in here, or was too knackered from said mindless consumerism and did nothing but vegetate in front of the TV grazing on mini mince pies. But who knows, it might have been fabulous.

So I have a not very cunning plan. I shall try my best to post at least every other day until the end of the month/year. As with last year's macrobiotic winter vegetable stew containing daikon and hokkaido pumpkin I may fail and end up with a sludgy brown mess, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

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Bombay Beauty said...

please stop tantalizing me with these mince pies, which i can't get here, and now the mini-variety, so you feel half as guilty and can eat three times as many! i'm already in battle with the weigh scale, and am close to giving up.

i am relying on the combination of disgusting prepackaged food and disgustingly expensive prices at the markets and restaurants where you can actually get something good to keep me as-thin-as-possible (as possible being the key qualification).

a plea for help,