Sunday, January 28, 2007


Achey brain syndrome means I have few words of my own for you. But! Due to insomnia induced voracious pre recycling re-reading and tearing out pages of old U.S Vogues, I give you (from November 1999) the words of David Bailey, talking about the swinging '60s. Hooray.
On working with Diana Vreeland:
Once, I handed her a set of pictures I'd worked incredibly hard on, and she looked at them and said, "Bailey, these pictures are wonderful, divine!" And I said, "Great." Then she said, "But darling I can't use them." I said, "Why not? You just said they were wonderful, divine!" And she said "Look at the lips, Bailey.
There's no languor in the lips."
And here's a different slant on the Chanel couture show last week, from Jean Touitou - our saviour of clothes you lust after, then actually buy and wear.


eurobrat said...

DV is a goddess.

gracia said...

"There's no languor in the lips"... hee, hee. How obvious it must have seemed once this was pointed out.
see you, g

La said...

The black APC minidress is so cute. If it's not too mini, it's mine.