Friday, January 19, 2007


1. Having the holy grail Del Forte jeans which stretched by four inches around the waist after one wash tailored to your exact measurements, removing the "incontinence pants" look and making your bum look about ten times more pert than it usually does. How they do that?

2. Purchasing the lusted after Kyo Hashimoto Dolly Pendant direct from the maker a) for 60% less than the U.K retail price, b) because it was super lovely and mutually beneficial to deal with them and c) gives one a reason to get excited about the impending arrival of the postman.

3. Seeing the most glamtastic seven foot tall transvestite in Selfridges with licorice stick thin legs, patent platforms, ridiculously coiffed hair, lashings of lipgloss and an electric blue cocoon coat. Sticking around a few more seconds to see his face and realising it was Tranny, I mean Trinny Woodall.


My Marrakech said...

Oh eek. MUST check out those del forte jeans!

jennifer | creatingfromscratch said...

Your Trinny post cracked me up.