Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

Chocolate from Jadis & Gourmande.
Patiences and red marzipan hearts from La Grande Epicerie.
Pomegranate seed heart thingy from Pain de Sucre.


Fi said...


If I was in Paris, I probably wouldn't be half as cynical about VD if more of it was written en Francais.

Hope you've had a lovely time - did you find your old lady friend?!


Anonymous said...

you're cassing my coeur here


Lola is Beauty said...

Fi - No sightings of the old lady but I was very busy eating all the time so may have missed her. What am I saying, how could you miss her?

BP - never meant to cass your coeur!

eurobrat said...

They do. Definitely.

(Thank you for the graffiti picture!)

Style Scout said...

Hi Lola!

Will you be in Paris during Fashion Week?

We have set up all details for our meetup and so far Anina, our co-host (360 Fashion), Yvan (The Facehunter), Emi (Letters to Marc Jacobs) and Susie Bubble have all confirmed they will attend.

For more info, please email us at

I really hope you can make it and please spread the word!

Luisa and Robert

The Style Scout

tongue in cheek said...

I know I gained weight coming here!

Julia said...

More! Give us more from Paris!