Thursday, March 01, 2007


There was a pop song in Italy years ago by some guy with long hair whose name I just cannot remember, which was titled "I Miei Capelli Sono Bellissimi" (My hair is beautiful) - I swear, even though Google doesn't remember either. It was a ballad about his own hair, a serenade if you will. Someone help me out here, who was that guy? Long curly hair if I remember. That song tells you everything you need to know about the Italian male psyche in just the title. The thought of writing a whole long winded post about my own barnet made me feel a bit well, like the guy who sings about how great his hair is. But, after reading the hair stories of Bluepoppy and Gracia, neither of whom came off sounding at all like the Italian guy I found myself going, "Me too, I have a hair story!" But I still just might come off sounding like hair guy.

So, first of all I didn't mention that I had my hair cut at London salon du jour Taylor Taylor.
The interior has been done beautifully - sort of shabby grandeur; all oriental wallpaper and high ceilings. Frankly, I could've done without the birds in the big cage which look very lovely but for the bird poop all over the floor, "Oops I dropped my comb right in it, never mind I'll just carry on without washing it" scenario I witnessed when I was waiting for my stylist. After that I went all Health and Safety and found myself scanning the corners of the gold tiled hair washing chamber for signs of lax hygiene. As a friend later observed, "Too cool to clean."
That's my only complaint, might as well get it out of the way first. So, I had my hair trimmed a bit and just made a teensy change from having the universal sideswept fringe I've sported for about three years to a blunt fringe. To me it was a teensy change, although my hair, not used to being asked to fall straight decided to boiing up at a 45% angle for the rest of the day, which looked quite hilarious and meant I had to wear a woolly hat whilst eating in a restaurant.

But since I got the new fringe something strange has happened. Everyone keeps commenting on "my new hair." And men look at me. A lot. Especially in Paris. Was I channelling a young Jane Birkin? Francoise Hardy? I wish. The French appreciate being well groomed and now I suppose instead of having just hair I have a hairstyle. Maybe my forehead was displeasing them before? Anyway it's a long time since I've been flirted with, smiled at, given the once over as much as I have since cutting my fringe.

The BUT is that because I must pay more attention to my fringeal area; combing, keeping it straight etc I have noticed something alarming. White hairs, sprouting from my head, nestled amongst the brunette. Not just one or two either. I had one or two before, which I snipped out from time to time, not wanting to pull them out in case a forest of white grew in their place.
But these new ones, my nail scissors cannot keep up with their seemingly daily invasion. So what shall I do, accept gracefully that at the age of 30 I am going, not prematurely grey, but white and "make it work for me", or make an appointment with a colourist?


Fi said...

I have the same dilemma! Aged 22! Have decided that "making it work for me" or "growing old gracefully" do not apply AT ALL, aged 22. Bloody genetics. So, do let me know if you find an amazing colourist, I need someone to look after my hair!!

Also, well done for having a good hair cut. My fringe has been cut into a stupid shape (with one bit of ridiculously short hair! One little chunk of shorter hair than the rest of it!) and I am very jealous of yours.

Bombay Beauty said...

Question, comment, and opinion.

Q: Did the 45 degree thing go away? It sounds pretty cool. I must say my hair has an infinite memory. I had one style as a kid. I've tried to change, but it just won't. I've been working on it for 10 years now.

C: New hairstyles also work for me to get attention. I think it has to do with the temporary boost to one's self-confidence that it provides. For example, when I go from short to long, people tell me that I look younger and are flirting with me left, right, and center. But when my hair goes from long to short, people also tell me I look younger. They don't flirt with me, but since I feel young and frisky I flirt with them. The effect usually last a month at most. So the moral of the tale: keep on moving.

O: Dye baby, dye. If you're going to dye your hair you have to start immediately, otherwise people (your public!) will notice your transition. But once you start, there's no going back. Or do one of those weird things where you dye an entire streak of your white. That will scare the real white hairs into submission.



Lola is Beauty said...

Fi- exactly, bugger growing old gracefully, esp when you're only 22!

BB- the 45 degree thing lasted only one day - I think it was in shock, but I think I may have let the cat out of the bag now by admitting my terrible secret of genetics...

Anonymous said...

before I read your whole post, the singer you refer is Niccolò Fabi and the song's title was simply "I miei capelli".
I'll go on reading now.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, now I've finished reading. Well, have I ever told you that I have been coloring my hair since the age of 20? And not just because I wanted to change colour? I discovered my first white hair when I was 12.
So, you see, there's always someone sadder than you. :)

Serena said...

Love the attention a great haircut can bring!

Anonymous said...

hair song guy-- wasn't he the cousin to the American dude who sang, "I'm too sexy for this shirt . .", non?

My 2 cents? Darling, you are but a mere babe in the woods at 30-- get a great colorist and enjoy the next decade or as long as you desire-- that's what I did, anyway-- but the good news is, I am LOVING the transformation right now-- LOVING it (god, I hope I don't jinx it . . .)

That, or dementia comes right about the time you go full out silver which helps ease the pain . .


Anna said...

Hello, I finally decided to leave a message. Your site makes getting through my PhD all the more bearable...I am trying to grow my hair into a style a la Jane Birkin. Currently, I resemble Wurzel Gummidge on a bad hair day.
Anyway, many thanks, anna.x

shoobydoo said...

I've walked past Taylor Taylor a couple of times but Im always scared that I'll look too much of a scruff compared to it's interior to get my hair cut in there!

negrito said...

Now I feel incomplete witrh my bald head ...