Thursday, May 24, 2007


I just joined Love Film and found all the films I could never find in my local video store, which by the way, just went out of business. So far in the queue there's:

Auberge Espagnole
Cleo de 5 a 7 by Agnes Varda - I've been wanting to see this forever, I think it's being re-released.
Dans Paris (reserved - again, good to have a steady flow of Romain)
Play It Again Sam

Love Film claims to have the largest selection of films in Europe and I think I believe them. My only two quibbles are that there's no classic film section in their search categories, and also that when you reserve a soon to be released film it doesn't give you any indication of when you'll receive it. But how exciting to see all these films and plop, they just come through the letterbox. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm trying to only get films I've never seen, but how are you supposed to know which films I haven't seen? I couldn't think of any more recent ones as I generally see every new release I'm interested in at the cinema. But do give me any recs although, (as you may have gathered) I am incredibly fussy and particular about what I like and do not like. Unless you were going to recommend The Holiday in which case you have no one but yourself to blame.

And why the need for all these dvds? Why am I not going to the cinema this evening to see This Is England? (I know I keep going on about my foot - god knows there are many worse things that people deal with. Really, really I do know and I bless every bit of my otherwise healthy body and yours too.)
I went to the hospital for what I thought was a check up this morning. I thought the doc would say, "Well done, healing nicely" and send me hobbling off again. But I was manhandled into a little room where they encased my foot and half my leg in a plaster cast, and placed a blue velcro "shoe" on my foot. "But I'm going to Paris," I squeaked repeatedly to the plaster loving Nazi doctor. He agreed to let me have it removed before I go thank god, because frankly, apart from anything else the blue smurf shoe is not at all chic.

Lola runs away whenever I go near her with my enormous cumbersome mummified leg and the builders had to carry me up the steps when I came home. Thank goodness they're there really, especially the young handsome one. And sweet too! Bit young for me though. They say it's crucial to the recovery process to have something pretty to look at.


anna said...

Agnes Varda is an amazing filmmaker; Cleo is my favourite of hers but I would also recommend her 'Sans toi ni loi', 'bonheur', 'The Gleaners and I' and 'Happiness'. Her late husband, Jacques Demy, made some lovely, colourful numbers such as 'Donkey Skin', 'les demoiselles de rochefort' and 'the umbrellas of cherbourg' (the new release of which has a great documentary on Deemy made by Varda). You can go and visit her studio, home and shop on the Rue Daguerre (where her doc. film, 'Daguereotypes' is set)...sorry to bombard, I'm writing my PhD on film so it was unusual to actually have a request I could help with.
p.s interesting fact: Varda had thought of remaking Cleo with Madonna in the 80s.

Lola is Beauty said...

thanks for all the info, please do bombard me with your knowledge! I will definitely check out those others and maybe the house at rue Daguerre. I saw the big Agnes Varda exhibition at the Fondation Cartier last year and I admit I found some of it completely baffling, but left me wanting to know more...

anna said...

oh, I missed that exhib...really wanted to go!
P.S she hasn't made two separate films called 'happiness' and 'bonheur'...they are actually one and the same, as I'm sure you've guessed. My French classes are obviously not reaping their fruit yet!
Have a lovely time in Paris!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Ahhhhh cool link!

Anonymous said...

avec m., he is really the best in "De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté" de Jacques Audiard. my personal favorite with romain.
hope you are feeling better.

Lachipie said...

oh a healthy dose of Romain can only quicken recovery (that along with the handsome builder)
and you'll be springing through Paris. Your list also reminds me I have yet to see Cleo and Darling. Lovely site.

lottie said...

Ooh, say , miiiiiiii-miiii to lola from moi! Isn't the weather smashing! I did toy with the idea of campari for breakfast... x

Bombay Beauty said...

"Bit too young for me though..." Not the way to think, especially not you, not at all. Indeed, with that the cast you really have a ready-made damsel in distress setup. Use the material at hand, always my motto.



Julia said...

Cleo is a film I've wanted to see forever! Can't find it here at all :-(

Romain will make you feel better, oooh yea... *straightens back up in her chair*

Hehe for smurf shoes!

Lola is Beauty said...

I know, Cleo is really hard to find - I'll do a review of it when I get it through since so many people want to see it - but check out if it is being re released - on Lovefilm they list it as soon to be released. They had the dvd at this Agnes Varda thing I went to in Paris but without subtitles - bit risky for me...and Romain! Why did no one warn me I'd see him in the nud (auberge espagnole) - twice! Still haven't quite recovered...