Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Some cheery uppy blossom for youse. It's not all bad you know.

(1) Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with the hilariously witty and nice Miss Lauren Lux Lotus at my version of Tiffany's: The Wolseley. Many large pots of tea were quaffed in a leisurely manner and
(2) scones were consumed. And if it wasn't for Lauren I would not have known (because she knows more about what's going on in London after being here for a day than I do -that's how much we need her to move here ASAP)
(3) that my very favourite trio of songstrels from Brooklyn, Au Revoir Simone are playing at the ICA on Saturday!
But I can't go because
(4) I have a Very Important Wedding to attend. Not mine, silly.
So you! You must go, people in London! If you don't know Au Revoir Simone fret not. Listen. And they all have really amazing hair. I'm being serious. Also, anyone who can come up with the lyrics, "You make me wanna measure stars in the backyard, with a calculator and a ruler baby" is worth seeing live.

(5) I will get to see them though because they'll play again at The Luminaire on May 20th, way out of my comfort zone in the faraway land of Kilburn. But I'll go north west for them. I do hope they'll be playing tracks from The Bird of Music which is out here but isn't out in the US as yet. But then maybe it's better if they don't so I won't embarrass myself by getting tipsy and singing along out of tune at the top of my voice.

(6) For dinner tonight I'm thinking another trip to Ping Pong is long overdue. To drown sorrows and replace internet related ridiculous snivelling with yummy pork puffs.

(7) My ticket for the eurostar next month arrived today.


Anonymous said...

Lux "Dovey" Lotus knows all the coolest happenings wherever she goes and even places she DOESN'T go-- that is what makes her Ms. Lux Lotus . ..

lucky you for such a fun afternoon--


eurobrat said...

Happy making indeed :)

Fi said...

I saw au revoir simone! Not long ago! They were supporting Camera Obscura at Koko. I had never heard of them before & had to google goodbye simon, because the (horrible) beer had impaired my otherwise good memory. I liked them a lot!!

Annnnyway, have fun at not your wedding. I really really want to justify afternoon tea at the wolsely.. (Or, you know, Tiffanys)

Anonymous said...

**Also, anyone who can come up with the lyrics, "You make me wanna measure stars in the backyard, with a calculator and a ruler baby" is worth seeing live.*** I agree. And you see them on you tube, (la blogotheque: les concerts à emporter) "take out concerts". Merde, I wish I thought up that brilliant idea.

Anonymous said...

you mademoiselle are *divine*. next stop babycakes! xoxo, LC, LuxLotus

Anonymous said...

Howdy from Austin Texas!

I love your blog. First time commenting, long time reading...

Just wanted to let you know that I checked out au revoir simone and I am smitten! I bought both cds (on Itunes) and cannot wait until they play Austin on the 25th.

I love reading about your life in London, my favoritest place on Earth.

All the best,

Lisa H.

Julia said...

When will you be across the pond? I'll be there just after les soldes (purely coincidental) for a few days...

l'embrouillamini said...

Ooh you lucky fille, going to Paris! I haven't been for so long - I'm having withdrawl symptoms. x