Thursday, June 07, 2007



Over tired. Extenuated would be a perfect English word too.

Feeling like why have we made London so ugly, harsh, crazy, expensive and almost impossible for anyone to live well in? But it contains my little Loly, lovely friends and neighbours, my just the way I want it flat. It's home. My own bed - heaven.

So why do I always feel like crying when I get off the Eurostar at Waterloo? It's not just the length of the taxi queue.

Why is Paris so wonderful, soul nourishing and designed in every sense for living? But what are the people there so pissed off about?

Round and round I go again...

Now . must . sleep.


Bombay Beauty said...

Welcome back Lola. Wouldn't be the same without you. BB

Anonymous said...

mmm, well for something to be so beautiful there has to be some flaws, non?

Fi said...

Some people feel this way about London, I'm sure of it. Not me though, I'd much rather be in Paris.... or anywhere for that matter. Sigh. Hope you have a lovely weekend anyway, to get over your paris-sickness.