Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Further to my previous post:

Oh, Mr. Touitou,
What would I do without you,

Just when I was contemplating,
A mad return to dating,

Just so that I could nick,
The trousers off some prick,

Your new catalogue dropped on my mat,
And saved me from all that,

I don't need to raid the bespoke,
Wardrobe of some bloke,

And really anyway,
If he dressed that well he'd be gay,

But you've come along and saved me,
From the need to flirt,
With the perfect alpaca trousers and pinstriped shirt,

So thanks to you A.P.C,
Once again I'm free,

From dirty socks and farting in bed,
I'll just stay home with my cat instead.

{The winter collection is online now for your clicky fingered enjoyment}


eurobrat said...

That outfit is to die for.

lottie said...

Isn't it divine... I actually thought of you when I saw those trousers in the catalogue!

Julia said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of A.P.C left me with no choice (especially with the sales now..) to go out an buy myself a little A.P.C something. It is peacefully laying on my bed now.

Elizabeth said...

Her foot is better
her mojo is cookin'
in that man's sweater
she'll be so good lookin'

Smooch, bp

Lola is Beauty said...

the timing of the catalogue was really quite uncanny...like instant trouser karma...

delphine...you must awaken your piece of apc goodness and put it on!

thanks for the extra verse bp...it could go on you know... there's more rhyme in me I'm sure...

Anonymous said...

indeed! but it has to feel a bit more comfortable about its italian as it rests on the left side in the armoire. ;)

ambika said...

Oh, I'm laughing. Love it.

Life with Sofia, Gus and Jim said...

that was pure poetry to my ears!

Mrs Fashion said...

LOVE your poem. But I love my APC catalogue (a very little) bit more.
I want everything, but esp the Military dress.
Mrs F x

susie_bubble said...

A great ode to a great label.... it has inspired me to make APC purchases not just for myself but for the boyf too....

Lola is Beauty said...

thanks for the poetry love, I may be inspired to do more...

mrs f and susie: You know, I should really be on commission for this!