Wednesday, December 05, 2007


...because the injury is due to carrying too many clothes at the Mulberry press sale yesterday. Whoo. It's way too dark today to take pictures but I got the coat I wanted, (£995 on Net-a-Porter) for cheap! Also a bluebell print button down chiffon dress (for those Stevie Nicks moments), print bow blouse (love that word), a super long scarf, little tan leather gloves, a pale pink knit, a bag (supposed to be a manbag) but would perfectly fit a MacBook which I'd be able to buy if I hadn't just blown the Mac fund at the Mulberry press sale. Oh, and a couple of Christmas pressies I can't mention.

Quelle fun day. Thank you, thank you, nice lady for inviting me, you know who you are. You know when you were little and you'd wake up on Christmas morning really early because you were so excited and you knew you were going to get loads of presents? Well yesterday was the adult version of that, sponsored by Visa.

Oh, the dedication. I got up at six am to meet my partner in shopping for a sustaining breakfast. She, meanwhile, had got up at FOUR AM for the journey to London. While I waited for her at the Wolseley I read the Guardian, as you know I find it imperative to keep up with current world affairs. Oh, OK it was because it came with Louise Bourgeois designed giftwrap. Instead of reading the paper I looked at the pretty pictures in Charlotte Gainsbourg's guest edited French Vogue (which I like very much, perhaps even more so than Sofia's).

Eggs Benedict, plenty of coffee then a casual stroll to Mulberry to find an enormous queue snaking up the stairs. Once inside everyone made a beeline for the bags and something in my mind whispered, "The coat" so I ran off to find the coats and there it was, just one and in my size. I love good fashion karma. 'Twas a bit of a bunfight, but in a manageable, friendly way and we were very happy with our bargain loot.

A bit more shopping, open sandwiches in Liberty's tea room, (so civilised! except I kept spilling mine all over the table) could.not.carry.bags.any.more. My Cinderella shopping companion had to go as well so I went home to drop off the bags, on to an appointment then BACK to Liberty to meet C for the card holder evening (ginger cocktails, room to move and 20% off). I bought a few stocking fillers but not much else. Shopped out you see.


Anonymous said...

oh you MINX!!!

the one coat in your size now hangs in YOUR closet-- oh my!! you do have fashion mojo and dedication--

love the story so glad you shared.


Iheartfashion said...

Ooooooh, that Mulberry coat!
SO beautiful; I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

great story, that's just my idea of heaven on earth!!!

l'embrouillamini said...

Oh how sophisticated this sounds! I'm intrigued about the print bow blouse :)

Kate said...

What a perfect day...and topped off with ginger cocktails in Liberty (I've been lured in by their Christmas department)....lovely!

Anonymous said...

What is my present? What is my present?