Friday, December 14, 2007


S: So is that your new navy coat?

Me: No, it's at home.

S: But that coat's navy. Why do you need another one?

Me: Well, you see this one is for when it's not that cold and the new one is for when it's really cold.

S: Exactly how many navy coats have you got?

Me: Er, counting...about...five?

S: So you need one coat for when it's sunny but cold, with a slight northwesterly wind, a different one for when it's sunny but just a bit warmer with the chance of drizzle and so on.

Me: I'm so glad we understand each other.


Anonymous said...

I have
- one coat (beige, cotton) which is useful in heavy summer rain when it is really warm
- one coat (cognac, cotton mix) which is useful in heavy summer rain when it is suddenly not so warm any more but not really cold
- one coat (black, wool) which is fine around 12°C/14°C
- one coat (pink/black, wool) which is nice to wear between 7°C and 12°C (too light to go below 5°C)
- one coat (mokka, wool) which is wonderful between 5°C and 10°C (over 10°C it get's to heavy)
- one coat (grey, cashmere) which is just right between 0°C and 5°C
- one coat (cognac, padded) for 2°C and lower (until -5°C)
- one coat (black, padded) from 0°C to -10°C

below -10°C I don't leave the house.

Okay, they are not all in one color but still - very, very useful.

Have a nice weekend in any weather!


Anonymous said...

oh i feel your pain.... :)

Lola is Beauty said...

Oh there's no pain involved as long as no one's too hot or cold!
But I knew I wasn't alone in this. And the worst part is I can still fully explain why I need all those coats - one for summer rain, one for spring/autumn rain, one for mild winter, one for cold English winter and one for winter where it's properly cold with enough room to layer stuff underneath. p.s. Most of my coats are actually navy. There's no rainbow coat vault!

Anonymous said...

wait! I demand notice if you suddenly begin posting daily (daily!-- surely that's the same word in British English) and I come here and feel like a total slacker-- golly.

email me about the exchange-- I have at least one blueprint, if not two-- I'll check to see I haven't cut them to pieces as I am wont to do--


Bombay Beauty said...

There are 3 possible rain states: dry, drizzle, raining (hard). There are 6 possible weather states: hot, warm, pleasant, cool, cold, frigid. This means there at least 18 different coats that might be needed for each colour. Keep at it! BB

Anonymous said...

BB's remark makes perfect sense to me. In fact I resent having to pick the coat color (and, as a consequence, of every item of clothing underneath) according to outside temperature. That's just unfair.

Iheartfashion said...

Sounds perfectly logical to me!