Friday, January 04, 2008


I forgot to mention my very favourite ever Gridskipper piece so far called Getting Serviced in London. Not those kind of services silly, but the title doesn't hurt the Google referrals. It's just that I am a wee bit obsessed with finding a dry cleaner who doesn't destroy my clothes, a shoe repairer that doesn't just tack on the first bit of heel they find lying around even if it doesn't match etc etc. But did you know there's actually a place that will pick up your clothes at the end/beginning of each season, repair and dry clean them, then store them until you want them again. They'll even send an item by taxi immediately if you suddenly want to wear it. Genius if you've got the dosh which I haven't.

Next up is Peace and Quiet in central London - kind of self explanatory really. Do you ever get a sudden attack of city fatigue? I only get it in London. I'll be walking down Oxford Street or wherever and I just can't go any further. The crowds, the tourists, the noise, the grime. I want to be physically removed and put somewhere quiet for a while to rest my brain.


Anonymous said...

hmm, a place for you that will provide peace and quiet-- gosh, do I know a place?!


Bombay Beauty said...

Brilliant Gridskipping! Well done. I really do need to get serviced, indeed exactly the kind you cover. Now the only other problem I need to solve is to figure out where to get the cash! Clearly this is the lesser of the two problems... Cheers, BB