Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It's going to be here soon. Also, remember that thing called summer where you don't have to wear hats, scarves or coats? Hmmm, vaguely. It feels weird to be looking at winter 08/09 stuff when I really want to think about spring.

*Built By Wendy Spring/Summer 08 ~ pics from the website*

I find I'm less and less interested in the cycle of fashion weeks; though Paris might hopefully give me a little thrill. But I only really keep one half opened eye on the whole thing now. And as usual I get more from looking at what people are wearing to the shows than what's actually in them. I don't mean that it's not important or relevant (didn't Marc Jacobs once say that the words Fashion and Important should never be used in conjunction?) for the fashion industry,but that my own interest has been moving away towards something else for some time: smaller, but established labels that perhaps don't even show and just make good clothes I want to wear.

At this moment, my thoughts are turning towards spring, watching the change in everything from nature to what people are wearing on the street. Having said that, I'm slightly in love with this winter colour palette:

Boy - Band of Outsiders, Prouenza Schouler
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Anonymous said...

go on...please continue talking about spring..)

Anonymous said...

I agree! so into Spring at the moment!!! :-)

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)

TenderGirl said...

Well done!!

Your blog is lovely!!

Fleurette said...

but fall/winter collections are so beautiful. i don't really feel like going bare legged!
btw nice blog :D

Anonymous said...

I saw a crocus poking through the earth this morning, and feared that there may be another snap, thus ruining its chances. Oh, I cannot wait for spring!!

Joanna Goddard said...

you picked such great shots. i love the built by wendy stuff....and a model with bright red hair, you almost never see that!

xoxo joanna

stacy said...

agreed. its been 28 degree and all I want are some flowers, dresses, and sunshine.