Saturday, February 09, 2008


Hmmm, kind of like Amish people joined a country club but had only ever watched Star Trek to find out what people wore.

Love the shoes. LOVE the shoes. And the boots. All those funny hats, headbands and silver bits are very necessary; otherwise it would just be a parade of baggy grey poloneck jumpers. Kim Gordon probably swims a lot - or does some kind of weight training. No bingo wings on her.

Ooh, I really like it actually. I haven't liked the past few seasons. Unsexy sexy is much better. Loose jumper, loose skirt, low heel. Kind of recession foreboding or whatever.

I bet Marc's gonna be on his best behaviour when he comes out.
Yep, not a tongue poke in sight.

Watch the video (the one on the left) here.


Bombay Beauty said...

A theory and two Q's.

Theory: Marc Jacobs has been taken over aliens. It's the only theory that can account for his strange behavior and disjointed shows.

Q1: Any idea who the band was?

Q2: Are those cowboy hats part of the collection? Would like to have one...


Lola Is Beauty said...

That is, in fact the most reasonable theory I've heard.

Q1: Sonic Youth!
Q2: I'm not sure. The clothes were so "normal" it sort of felt like all the surreal accessories were last minute styling add ons. But I may be wrong, the alien leaders could have been planning them for months....