Wednesday, March 26, 2008


1. Have hair trimmed to lessen cavewoman/Medusa effect
2. Reluctantly dye hair (au naturelle being invaded by white sprouters = depressing)
3. Have a facial - (eh, grr, maybe, still undecided - do they even make a difference?)
4. Have a pedicure at The Cowshed
5. Stop eating wheat for a month
6. Go somewhere to find sunshine/warmth asap (Italy)
7. Buy loads of flowers: ranunculus/tulips/peonies when they're ready
8. Go and sit under the magnolia trees in the park when they're in bloom
9. Attempt to wear other than wide legged cords or baggy sailor trousers every day
10.Bribe people to bring back French pharmacy booty from Paris
11.Have a mooch around the weekend market for old books and clocks
12.Try to believe that using make up to achieve the fresh, natural look isn't cheating.


Stephanie said...

Isn't the Cavewoman look now de rigueur, since the US release of "10,000BC"? Hope you're feeling better! Wish I could be mooching around London markets for old clocks and books... guess I'll have to resort to rural upstate NY state options in late March- mooching around the sugar shacks waiting with pancakes in hand!

Anonymous said...

we're waiting for you!!!

maitresse said...

3. yes of course they do. very very necessary.

5. why??

10. tell me what you want, I'll be in london in a couple of weeks.

Lola Is Beauty said...

Stephanie: Sugar shacks! With the tins on the trees?

Mia: I'm coming for sure, though I keep saying that, I am.

Maitresse: 3. Really, they do? I've only had one or two my whole life though I see a dermatologist sometimes. I just always thought it was a pampery thing that didn't really do anything. I'm gonna have one!

5. I didn't eat any wheat for 6 years then I started again. It really doesn't agree with me. I haven't got coeliac - it just makes me really ill. So boring to cut it out again though.

10. Ooh! Glad you're coming to London...Well the main thing is Bioderma Crealine H20 cleanser but it's in a 500ml bottle - bit annoying to carry. No worries if not, I can ask my cous who is going next month. I'll email you anyway about meeting up in London x

stacy said...

Step 12 - I'm laughing.

Emma said...

Oh, and there's me feeling all elegant and classy in my newly acquired baggy sailor trousers...

Lola Is Beauty said...

I LOVE my sailor trousers, it's just they're so comfortable I end up wearing them literally every day...

Princess Haiku said...

This would be perfect for the "To Do List." I have a link to it on my blog if you might be interested.

Stephanie said...

Re: Stephanie: Sugar shacks! With the tins on the trees?

Yes, with the tins on the trees! I live in the back woods! Not "kissin cousins" backwoods, but very very close : )