Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I wasn't really into the shopping in Dubai. No doubt if you're living there, after a while having Waitrose, M&S and every British High Street shop out there is nice. But the prices are only slightly lower so I never really understood why you'd go to Dubai to spend your time in shopping malls that are just like being in England, except for the sound effect of the call to prayer over the loudspeakers. But that's got nothing to do with this Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted butter dish. I needed a butter dish and saw this one in Dubai. I picked it up, I saw the price, I put it back down. The End.

That's not what I'm adding to the list though.

It's the blue fluted mega pattern dinnerware, with the traditional blue fluted pattern enlarged and fragmented. It's not exactly new, but my coveting it is. J'adore it. You can see the entire range here. If you gave me some of the plates we could have an imaginary dinner party.

What's on your imaginary wishlist? (Something way over budget, out of reach or extravagant that you wouldn't/couldn't actually buy yourself)


erica said...

a good friend of mine had the mega pattern dinnerware on her wedding registry. part of her family is danish, so her grandmother handed down a set of royal copenhagen dinnerware.

what's on my imaginary wishlist?
aside from a pair of bespoke boots from e. vogel, it would be a collection of Vincent Van Duysen ceramic containers along with a full set of Heath ceramics dinnerware.

isn't it funny that my most coveted objects are dinnerware sets? my wedding registry dinnerware (tord boontje) is lovely, but i would like something simple and tactile for everyday use.

until that day comes, it's crate and barrel outlet for me!

Erica said...

Really, way over budget? If wishes were...I would own a Rothko: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/22/arts/design/22roth.html?ref=arts
Strangely, this utterly cool windbreaker is equally unattainable: http://www.blaec.com/mackage-brie-nylon-jacket.shtml

Stephanie said...

The new 21 megapixel Sony Digital SLR. $8,000 US body-only. Yum.

Bombay Beauty said...

Where to begin? I would also list art that I'll never own. But what's really on my mind these days is the mid-century modern furniture I won't really be able to afford... BB

Anonymous said...

Porthault linens, yves delorme sheets, anchini pillows, an easy 50% of the beauties featured in Selvedge, the list goes on-- but basically fabric yum-- am a tactile freak


Juliet said...

Oh, the shade of the blue is great.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

photography books by paolo roversi or sarah moon.

love your blog!