Monday, May 12, 2008


*Some espadrilles. Not wedgey or stripey or with lace up your ankle bits or cut outs or doodads or anything. Just plain espadrilles. But what colour???

*A new Panama hat. I had a really good one I bought at the seaside but I left it in the boot of my car over the winter and it went mouldy. And before that I had a really cool beaten up one that eventually disintegrated.

*Some colourful vintage skirt slips (maybe with quite obnoxious 1970s prints on) to wear under summer dresses that blow around/up in the wind. Either that or bigger pants.

*A new deckchair sling.

*A paddling pool.

*A cure for hayfever.


Anonymous said...

oh...I like your list! but could I add that je veux to be friends with Isabel Marant, Sofia Coppola and to have a swell friend in the South of France with a lovely view...

tamako said...

Liking the list - Mine would include the stuff already gracing yours plus a hammock, a gorgeous bikini and a convertible car :)