Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yes. One of my imminent sprucing up projects is re-upholstering my lovely bed. It was from Ikea but they don't make it anymore. (I feel the need to pre-empt this next sentence by saying this is not some kind of covert Ikea blog ad as we are still very much an ad free blog - see owl.) My bed is so completely amazing, I couldn't love it more if it was from somewhere really fancy and expensive or had been custom made by fairies. Anyway, if you buy your bed frame from Ikea you can afford to buy a really decent mattress. Heavenly bed. So - the bed is covered in white cotton and has a really plain and comfy integral headboard which I always pin different fabrics over. But now I want to re-upholster the entire thing properly. It should be really easy as the bed is basically a square box - you can sort of see it not very well here.

For ages I've been wanting to re-upholster the frame in some kind of really blowsy, maybe traditional floral or fauna fabric - quite bold, but even a little...chintzy... to offset the clean, modern lines of the bed. I've had some fabrics in mind but this one,

called Papilio Sylphe by Osborne Little now seems to be unavailable and I can only find this David Hicks Ambrosia Rose

in another, more neutral colourway. I don't want neutral, I want colour and to put my white bedlinen on a bed that feels like sleeping in a bed of roses or vines or monkeys (on second thoughts, no) or something. This print caught my eye in the current issue of Domino.

The green is more Kelly green than it looks - I know because this is the print that adorns a chair I always go googly eyed over at Liberty's Josef Frank section. I know it sounds weird to say that it would work in my eggshell blue bedroom but I feel quietly confident that it would. Maybe. Why am I so print indecisive?

{Top pic Living Etc (I think), middle Elle Decoration. The Josef Frank print from here.}

**p.s All is now right with the world - Louise has started a blog. {via Fashion Toast}


Anonymous said...

Great idea.
I know this is not what you mean, but have a look at this:

It's heavenly! Pity they don't do it in colors...


Iheartfashion said...

That Josef Frank print is gorgeous!

jenny said...

josef frank, definitely. you can't go wrong with that.

girl on the wing said...

wow, the josef frank one is beeeautiful. x