Monday, June 02, 2008


Carrie/SJP's Dior extreme gladiators (thinking a pic of them is blatantly unnecessary):

original price $770 (no longer available)

current ebay price: $2,495

asos copy: really cheap looking (£55)

steve madden copy: pretty good, much better, really, not bad AT ALL. But only available on pre-order for 24th June. ($109.95)

Conclusion: I'll be over them by then.

*And that, Olivier Theyskens, is why you really shouldn't mess with SJP.


la femme said...

SJP should have asked a blogger before wearing that dress! It seems that everyone but her knew it had already been worn to the Costume gala.

Lola Is Beauty said...

I know, it is a bit odd that she (or at least her stylist/PR/someone) didn't see it on Lauren thingybob. But soooo bad of Olivier to say no one else had worn it when there's photographic evidence of him escorting her up the red carpet in it!

coquette said...

My new rule is to draw the line at 100 mm / 4 inches, but the Steve Maddens sure are cute.