Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Even in deepest rural Burgundy I managed to go into a shopping frenzy (apart from the obligatory wine degustations). Vide Grenier translates literally as empty attic and all through the summer French villages take it in turn to hold their own attic clearing days, usually on a Sunday - kind of like their version of a car boot sale, only with rusty farm implements ready to be turned into cool outdoor lamps or sculpture, piles of starched vintage linens, and enamel jugs and tins of the kind Au Petit Bonheur La Chance sells in Paris for 50 euro. Now we know where they buy them.

Some of the vide grenier vendors seemed to be professionals and I don't know how it works, if you're allowed to set up a stall if you don't live in the village. Their stuff was more expensive, but generally, the actual people from the village were selling some really charming things for a euro, two euros. Well, they are French, of course their attics are full of charming, stylish oddments.

I was in male company, so felt under pressure not to conform to stereotype and clear the entire village of Yrouerre out of its unwanted junk. It was really tempting as we had a car and I had visions of starting my own antiques business. I am showing you this photo as only you will understand why I needed to buy an old aquamarine alarm clock and a rusty, beautifully designed *furniture polish* oops, edit, household cleaning fluid tin.

I also bought some espadrilles (5 euro at the ATAC supermarket in Chaource for those interested in such details) so my entire shopping frenzy cost a total of nine euros.
Um, not including wine.


Anonymous said...

yes yes all needed. epecially to accompany the espadrilles and wine...
don't ask me how you resisted?

Anonymous said...

an alarm clock called "alouette"! that's as charming as can be.

Anonymous said...

i hate you I hate you I hate you

that is all--

and now, more details on the "male company," thank you


Lola Is Beauty said...

hehe - it was my very BFF and his godfather!