Friday, June 27, 2008


Picked the first handful of ripe blueberries for breakfast

Filed every single bit of paperwork

Was given a lovely dead mouse as a gift (better dead than alive)

Ordered a water meter

Re-styled my homemade chandelier:

This is invariably known as my crappy attempt or something; but I just bought the frame (really cheap) at Homebase and sprayed it white. For the past few years whenever I travel somewhere there might be chandeliers aplenty, I trawl antique shops and markets for the broken off bits, which you usually have to ask for.

I've got bits, let's say drops, it sounds nicer, drops mostly from Florence, Venice, Madrid, Paris and I can't remember where else now. I think there are a couple from Portobello but they were five pounds each or something ridiculous. If you buy them in Italy, you can reasonably pick up a whole haul. The ultimate frugal chic.

There's a really good source in Florence where I got masses last time, that were still lying around wrapped in pages of the Corriere della Serra newspaper waiting to be used. So yesterday I had a blissful time with my wire and pliers putting together the summer 08 version - I went with smoky purple, grey and amber, with a little blue. I'm loving that crystal "disco ball" which I bought for a friend but which was cruelly mocked, then rejected.

Now for the next couple of weeks when I'm lying in bed I'll suddenly spring up and change a bit round so it's all perfectly randomly balanced. In fact, I've already changed it since I took this photo yesterday. I know chandeliers are a little "out" now, but they never will be for me. J'adore tinkering with my little creation so much.


l'embrouillamini said...

Are you sure the 'disco ball' isn't a prize from The Crystal Maze??

I love the way it's comprised of pieces from some of your favourite places :)

Lovely lovely lovely


erica said...

it's beautiful. doesn't matter whether chandeliers are in or out, yours is lovely.

Anonymous said...

oh love that you did that...lovely chandelier! oh and speaking of fashion meeting furniture....please check out this link:


Lola Is Beauty said...

wow, nancy, what amazing work. Thank you for the link. It looks familiar, yet I don't know the name (not unusual for me, I'm not sure I can retain any more names of photographers at this point!)

Kacy said...

I have always said that imagination is the creator. Good job nice piece of work. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

that disco ball rocks! ;)

Anonymous said...

do you not see the connection?

You travel to France-- you SWAN about in glorious, SOUTHERN France . . you come home and create gorgeousness-----

moral of the story?

must spend regular time in France, non?