Friday, August 15, 2008


I have still not bonded with this machine despite spending every waking moment transferring stuff onto it. When I was reading a book last night I kept hallucinating a cursor key on the page. Here are some links from the past few weeks to keep you entertained while I go and rest my eyes in the real world. Bon Weekend!

* Pierre Herme does international delivery. Why was I not aware of this?

* I had heard rumours about Rachel Zoe and now I'm convinced they're true. Watch it. She's like, really nice. *Edit* I just realised that sounded like I was being sarcastic - I wasn't!
[via Fashionologie]

* I do not believe a word of this. They planted that salad on that fake Parisian. I will investigate further when I go next month.

* You mean non shoebox sized apartments in Paris exist? With panoramic views of the city? I've obviously been mixing with the wrong crowd. You probably already have but if not, go and flip though the entire book, which features the abodes of Paris fashion and art's finest here. Rue Jacob is my fave. [via July Stars]

[images from Taschen New Paris Interiors]


Anonymous said...

well, I do believe the new French salad/sandwich thing... just keep in mind that their salads and sandwiches are so much better than the English ones! They are probably all made from fresh, first quality ingredients(sorry, but my anglophilia doesn't extend to cuisine) ;)

Anonymous said...

you will bond soon enough....and i truthfully, could not go back. un bon week end à toi aussi!

Bombay Beauty said...

I find it odd to be defending British cuisine, but I think you can find excellent salads in London at least. It's true that the chains will be French or local but emulating a foreign je ne sais quoi and the people serving you will also not be English. But having spent a year watching the British buying fresh local greens under drizzly skies, I don't think this is an accident. I remain to persuaded that the French actually eat salads, though I do believe that they have access to good ingredients if they chose to do so!


Juliet said...

those sweets look more than super.

juliet xxx

erica said...

aaah, why do you even tempt me with that pierre herme link? thank goodness they don't deliver to boston. unfortunately, miette in sf does. they ship their macarons on ice. on ice! am i 'that' insane to order macarons from sf instead of buying local. probably yes.

l'embrouillamini said...

Ha - there'll be no 'glacial caution' when I'm ordering wine in Paris in September! :D