Thursday, September 04, 2008


We are having crisp, autumn days - to me that's preferable to the limping disappointment of summer's cold grey cloud cover. I've been sitting and walking outside while I still can, trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Sitting on my little terrace I became aware that it was full of cobwebs, so little had I used it this year. I think I have sat out there less than five times.

The leaves are turning orange already. But of course autumn means there's a long winter of rain ahead, which will only be relieved in six or seven months by a few pretty spring days; then another shitty summer where everyone spends the whole time being hopeful that a burst of warm weather will last longer than two days. And it never does. Sigh. I finally realised, looking at my growing collection of cute summer dresses, that all you need here is two. The one summer dress I bought this year was worn twice; the first time on a bona fide hot day and the second time - in July - with thick wool tights, a wool cardigan and a scarf.

I'm trying to stay positive, use the impending dark months as an excuse to buy loads of winter clothes, which after all are somehow more satisfying than summery things. But judging by the coats bulging out of my wardrobe it's not about needing more warm clothes, or even having the disposable cash to buy them. Buying a thick woolly jumper or scarf makes you feel like you're wrapping yourself up all cosy against the cold, a sort of modern way of putting another log on the fire.

{pic: Sessun}

p.s. and a bit of GOOD NEWS


July Stars said...

I'm going to Cassis for two weeks on Wednesday to get my yearly dose of intense sunshine and lazing around my grandmother's pool! Don't be jealous ... Hahahaha
I'm glad you've chosen to feature two Sessun pictures. The label was born in Marseille and I know it very well. They always a few good pieces in every collection!

Rose said...

Wow that IS good news!

I was just looking at my wardrobe this morning and wondering why it has at least a 70% bias towards mostly summery or light weight clothes when I live in a country where we have had at most about 5 weeks of summer in the last 2 years.

I do however own a lot of scarves and gloves (I love gloves) and of course very thick tights.

Lola Is Beauty said...

July Stars: Tres jalouse! I can fit neatly and quietly in a suitcase for many hours, you'd be surprised...I have only known Sessun since the shop in Paris opened. It seems to be getting more and more exposure though which is good. Shows what having a gorge website and online catalogue can do I guess.

Rose: I know! maybe I should have made more of it but I couldn't wait to share...

Anonymous said...

oh we too had a lousy summer...but somehow it has picked up now...touch wood.
oh and yeah sessun is a nice little découverte (and great they are from marseille...which i'm totally digging lately...)
but i like you, am trying to be positive ...i did get a sweater the other day and have been thinking of tights...tisk.

Bombay Beauty said...

I recommend travel -- Get yourself over to the south of France or some other fantastic destination! But glad you're getting some good days... BB