Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I do love the American way of saying fall instead of autumn. Does what it says on the tin kind of thing. I also love Built by Wendy's Austrian inspired fall collection. Especially those two looks on the left hand side...(But maybe not the lederhosen that are also in the collection.)

{pics from Built by Wendy - photographer Annabel Mehran whose work is always beautiful}


Bombay Beauty said...

Yes, it's fall here -- and I am falling -- BB

erica said...

i always switch back and forth between fall and autumn.

i like fall because it reminds me of daylight savings and 'fall back, spring forward.' otherwise, i would never know how to set the clock.

BBW new collection is one of my favorite in many years. i used to obsess about her designs, but after a while, not so much. the love is back.