Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Still not quite back to normal, whatever normal was. A random seven things tag though = manageable!

I think I've done this one a few times but not for a while and it's nice to be tagged - thanks to Gisele.

1. Every morning I have to drink a cup of PG Tips tea with soya milk and eat a dunkable biscuit, preferably ginger.

2. I love cocktail gherkins, eating mayonnaise out of the jar, Kalles Kaviar from the tube and the cheapest cods' roe.

3. When I broke my arm (age 6?) I thought they re-used the plaster so I kept it pristinely clean and wouldn't let anyone touch it. When I went back to the hospital to have it removed and I saw other peoples' casts with drawings and signatures all over them. I became very upset and there wasn't even a biro to hand.

4. Lola hates going outside on her own so I walk with her in the garden, then run inside once she's occupied chasing butterflies.

5. I have very good eyesight and I can lipread from as far away as I can see (my mum was deaf) - makes for some interesting observations.

6. Often just after I fall asleep I wake up with a sharp intake of breath and find myself standing in front of the bathroom cabinet. (Years of having to take a tablet before bed.)

7. When I was little I had a gang which operated from my conservatory. It was inspired by the comics of Dennis The Menace and you had to earn badges for things like catapulting worms at adults, switching the sugar and salt round and various things to do with itching powder and whoopee cushions. Those were the days.

*edit* Oops I'm out of practice. Forgot to tag anyone else. Well, no pressure but if you'd like to, go ahead...


Anonymous said...

fascinating! really!!!
my mum is legally blind so i can spot any bump in the sidewalk or puddle 10 kms away (so she would never trip etc) and my parents' first language is not english, so it doesn't matter if someone butchers the english language, i understand what they are saying: ie "buga ga" ...me: "oh you want to know where the airport is??"
oh these little gifts huh? ;)

Bombay Beauty said...

Glad I've learned #5! BB

famapa said...

great facts! am a bit confused by fact 6 (I think I'm too tired to figure it out), are you a sleep walker? no 5: so cool to be able to lip read and no 7 makes me want to be a kid again!

Lola Is Beauty said...

nancy - last night I watched Gomorrah and couldn't understand a word until the Chinese guy started speaking Italian!

BB - Now I'll know you're talking about me if you cover your mouth!

Famapa - yeah I suppose it is sleepwalking but it's just at the moment I'm falling asleep and I'm always in the same place when I realise - so maybe it's semi-conscious walking??

Iheartfashion said...

I've always wanted to be able to lip read!