Sunday, July 19, 2009


I don't get particularly hot and bothered about the release of new ad campaigns these days. Too celebrity driven, too retouched, too shiny. But I was happy to see that after years of famous faces, Miu Miu has chosen relatively unknown models for autumn/winter 09 and has ditched the strong colours that have dominated the campaigns shot by Mert & Marcus for the past few years. As with the new Prada lookbook everyone's talking about, I'm glad to see ol' Miuccia still isn't afraid to change tack in uncertain times.


Here are some ancient ones, before glossy perfection took hold. (I am also ancient it seems, as I remember/owned most of these clothes.)

Audrey Marnay FW 97, Chloe Sevigny (post Kids so not really that famous then) SS 96, edit: Sara Daykin (thanks Alex!) FW 98, Zora Star SS 98.

{first image via Fashionologie, others via Miu Miu}


Alex said...

The girl in Fall 98 is Sara Daykin. The first collection I bought Miu Miu from. Sigh. I ripped out every early ad and have them safely filed.

Sneaky Magpie said...

It's very refreshing to have a new face in Miu Miu campaign. I've had enough of Lindsey, Katie and Scarlett everywhere. All the campaigns seems to have either a celebrity or an ex supermodel.

BTW I absolutely love the coat...

Lola Is Beauty said...

Alex: very methodical! I have random lookbooks and odds and ends of things but nothing so impressive...I do still have my Miu Miu pencil though.

Sneaky Magpie: me too - I love the models they cast too, the fact you haven't really seen them anywhere else yet.