Wednesday, September 02, 2009


D.V. will be fashionably late in responding to your tellement juicy questions. We had a little glitch with celestial communication yesterday (i.e. a powercut in the 'hood meant D.V.'s humble transcriber was unable to retrieve your questions). Also, owing to the nature of the questions mostly regarding matters of the heart, I have had to bring in/out?! the big guns: not only am I referring to D.V.'s memoirs, but to Eleanor Dwight's tome on D.V. and Diana Vreeland, Bazaar Years by John Esten.

See you this afternoon for tea in the drawing room.

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If Jane said... i have been checking back, c'est-à-dire..checking here, displaying 100% enthusiasm and almost zero patience...for DV's response...

but...i must admit now you have entered the "cool all day" realm...with the extra research and books involved, take your time. you are a pro! ;)) heheh.