Thursday, September 17, 2009


Things I wish I'd done (or not done) this summer:

*Gone swimming in the sea for longer than five minutes.
*Gone swimming in the sea in the south of France.

*Had more than one picnic.

*Had a beach bonfire/bbq.

*Put Duckie's roof down more than twice at all.

*Worn the bikini I bought in March for longer than 5 hours.

*Gone on holiday somewhere in Europe before it was too late / I was too broke.

*Worn shorts.

*Gone on a road trip.

*Made more of the few proper summer days.

Bye summer, I love you, though I hardly knew you.

{photo via Them Thangs}


lottie said...

i second all of those things.
i love autumn, but i wish it would stay away for now.

If Jane said...

well i "mmm'd" or "ohh'd" for the majority of what you wrote, comparing it to my own list...;(

and!! to make matters worse...yesterday on my morning bike ride, as i stopped at the stop-light a woman on the sidewalk starting talking to me, (how very new york of her!) "oh you are still wearing shorts, i guess it is ok under the sun...but you do know it will snow in a month"...
and sadly yes, i know! probably will snow within a month...;(

Bombay Beauty said...

Bizarre and fantastic link this

well found... particularly liked the Steve McQueen collage...


Juliet said...

me too! Summer didn't warm our hearts up, it just slipped away. All work no fun.

juliet xxx

Metropolitan Mum said...

Great post. Especially the last line.

Alice said...

I wished I had done all of these things and more this summer. Maybe next year??

Anonymous said...

Goodbye happiness, I hardly knew you.