Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Someone gave me a good, thoughtful question for D.V. recently. If anyone has any more, leave a comment here. I prefer to do a few at a time - an audience with The Oracle happens rarely - and sometimes she sends me away; something about the champagne I proffer being inferior.

I know, you can ask her about your wishes...

{photo - Harry Benson (thank you N)}


Anonymous said...

Dear DV
I have a question and a wish.

Question: I am working on a very important project with a guy, whom I am very much attracted to; but, he has a girlriend. What do I do? And how do I know if he likes me?

Wish: I want him to become my boyfriend.

Michelle (Sitting and Waiting)

Bombay Beauty said...

So many questions I want answered. But here's what's on my mind now. How does one maintain serenity when traveling? I love to travel, but find myself easily frazzled by silly things (having to carry an extra bag, or check in when I didn't want to), although I'm completely unperturbed by semi-disastrous events (canceled flight? bad weather? crowds? long queues? all competitive sports and chances to excel...)


Emily said...

A question and a wish as well;

Will the sadness that I was filled with last year come back when I start school again?

I wish that I will be able to fulfill my self properly creatively and stop this routine of the physical and mental tiredness that school creates within me

anna said...

Dear Miss V.
Will I ever finish my PhD?
That is my only wish

If Jane said...

oh i am excited to see what DV will "say"..;))