Saturday, May 01, 2010


This is the first in a new series of five question interviews with female photographers whose work I admire.

Alexandra Chalaud kindly agreed to be my first victim interviewee. I first became a fan of her dreamy fashion photographs of alluring girls. I also love the way she captures natural moments so well, such as in her pictures of teenagers below. I asked her about how she sees with her camera.

L.I.B. - Do you prefer to find a moment to capture, or to create one (using styling, location etc)?

A.C. - In both of them you have to find a moment to capture.
But the intentions are different and the result too. For myself I prefer shooting without make up, location, etc...I feel more free!


L.I.B. - When you look through your lens, what are you looking for that makes you take the picture?

A.C. - For Fashion I already have some visual intentions...but I like "accidents". Often the result is great. But for my other works I’m driven by what I feel, what I see and what I discover in the moment through my lens.


L.I.B. - Do your surroundings and everyday life influence your photography?

A.C. - I think for all artists, your personal life influences your work.

L.I.B. - Could you tell me about this photograph?


A.C. - It was on a Sunday one year ago, in summer, in Place des Vosges: lots of people, lots of sunshine. I was just looking around me with my camera.

L.I.B. - Who or what is your favourite subject to photograph?

A.C. - It depends. My favourite is always the last subject I worked on.

{All photos (c) Alexandra Chalaud}


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I like so much your blog, my blog is in spanish but maybee you like there



If Jane said...

oh cool new series!
and i love alexandra chalaud's work...and that feeling of always just capturing the moment and that it is not set up...

Bombay Beauty said...

great new series! bb

Rose said...

cool series- looking forward to reading more. her work is great, i'm really not an expert on photographers though i love photography so i really do need to get more educated

Alex said...

Great - who's up next?

teardropsouffle said...

Wow- I don't usually get too excited about photography but those images are very special.