Friday, May 14, 2010


*edit* Well, that was fast. I think I might do this again!

Time to clear out the wardrobe of things I never wear. I feel a bit weird selling things through the blog, but I can't make myself face the dreaded ebay, so let's give it a go with a couple of things. Apologies in advance for such horrible photos (hopefully evened out by the lovely one of Chung) - it's the camera, I'm telling you.

A.P.C. sailor top - Ahh, I love this top, but apparently I am neither Anna Karina or Alexa Chung (Chung is wearing the dress version) and I haven't even worn it once.

Size: small
Fabric: 91% cotton, 9% linen
Colour: Navy with black trim
From: A.P.C. shop in Paris summer 09
Price: £35
Post: £5 to UK, £7.50 EU, £10 anywhere else

Fletcher by Lyell pleated silk dress - I was planning to sell this before the news that Lyell is closing down - the length just doesn't work on me, which is annoying as I made a friend brave Urban Outfitters to get it for me and send it all the way from the US. And now Lyell will be no more so I feel I should hang onto the pieces I have...but let's face it, it's not doing much good hanging in the wardrobe.

Size: medium
Fabric: 100% silk
Colour: purple with red and white print
From: Urban Outfitters US autumn 09
Worn: once
Price: £35
Post: £5 to UK, £7.50 EU, £10 anywhere else

To buy: Email me (lolaisbeautyAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk) with your Paypal email address and location address and I'll send you an invoice. Once you've paid I will post it the next day. (Both items have just been dry cleaned.)

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