Monday, June 07, 2010



This is a picture Anna took of me trying on bracelets in Deogarh, Rajasthan, since a couple of you mentioned the jewellery there. They were made by the man selling them and the price depended on how heavy the piece was. His 10 year old daughter was a whipsmart businesswoman. I chose just one (can you guess?) and I haven't taken it off yet. (The mehndi on my hands is because we were there for a wedding.)

{photo: Anna Bozza. Check her flickr, I'm sure she'll be uploading more of her amazing pics from our trip to India.}

Talking of jewellery, Vanessa alerted me to these insane resin rings by Triian. Vanessa also has some equally insane spiked rings in her shop. I could really damage someone with one of those.

And I must have missed this interview in Dossier with Randi Mates, the woman behind Aesa jewellery. It's always interesting to see how people get into these things, then when you know, it all makes perfect sense.


If Jane said...

great! i am guessing the second with the blue or green stones?? (dod tell which one!)...

claire all your photos are so beautiful!

and love vanessa's jewellery and then i find out she is in montréal!! omg i fear i shall spend a fortune!

Elizabeth MacCrellish said...

utterly fabulous!!!

Vanessa Moore said...

Thanks for mentioning me Claire!!! :-)

I think you kept either the first double bracelet or the second one with the beautiful stones... hummmmm.... I don't know anymore... they are all so beautiful... can't decide!!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Vanessa - I love your new stuff as well - the clothing!

I kept the single bracelet, same as the double, 5th one up! The one with stones was a lion or tiger head and I loved but was most expensive because it was heavy!