Monday, June 21, 2010


In Issue 3, Tourist Magazine chats to Ana Kras about her furniture and photography. tourist1
This is the first online magazine that hasn't made me frustrated with the actual process of reading it (clicking,zooming etc) or conversely thinking, "this is exactly the same as a blog" (scrolling).

Grace and Lauren make me want to take a roadtrip immediately, but also give me the disconcerting feeling that I may be too old. Can you be too old for a roadtrip? Never.
(It may just be that in imagining photos from my roadtrip featuring me I assume they would be more in the vein of "slightly haggard thirty something looks pissed off after driving for 12 hours and having to sleep at a Travelodge."

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If Jane said...

but i still want to go on a raod trip...