Monday, July 05, 2010


If Jane and Ephemerette passed the versatile blogger award on to me - merci beaucoup! So now I have to reveal seven things about myself and pass the award onto some of my favourite blogs...

Seven things I like. I cheated a bit, but surely the things you like reveal something about you?

1. The number 7.

2. Being an autodidact. I only learned this word the other day - hey, sometimes things take a bit longer when you're self taught. Phew! I feel so much more legit now that I have a fancy concise word to justify describe the way I learn.

3. This home.
4. American Apparel underwear. No, seriously I do! It doesn't look anywhere near as sleazy if you don't pull those slutty poses like they do on the website, which I'm not linking to. It's very well cut as well. Though I read somewhere that AA is "on the brink of total collapse" so I'm stocking up on more micro mesh triangle bras and low slung briefs. (Sooo not linking - far too many nipples.) I'm trying to forget that I also read Dov Charney tries all the underwear (just the underwear samples we hope) on himself.

5. I like the idea of dyeing the ends of my hair faded pink. (Like 10% of that.) I've been ruminating on this for a few months, though as yet I haven't reached for the Manic Panic. But I have dark hair, so to get your hair pink, you have to bleach it first. But if it was just the ends, you could have it cut out when you got bored of it...(this is how my ruminating process goes.)

6. The high waisted black silky shorts I bought at Warehouse for £13 in the sale.

7. Illesteva's lookbook models.

I'm giving the award to:

Toujours Toi
So Much To Tell You
Scout Holiday
Ringo, Have a Banana
Jeana Sohn

{photo: Mike Vorrasi}


ephemerette said...

If jane beat me to it! I've awarded you the versatile blogger award on ephemerette too ! ps thinks the pink ends would be awesome - do it x

If Jane said...

ephemerette..we'll share...;))
yeah do the pink know i have been a bit tempted myself! seriously!
AA underwear huh? must check them out...but that store..that store...
and the shorts seem fab!
actually everything you said was cool.

jeana sohn said...

thanks for the link. xoxo

Anonymous said...

American Apparel do non-underwired bras! What a revelation. I can stop spending sixty a pop on Eberjey now.
Olivia x

Rose said...

interesting about the underwear- did you read about their staff dress rules though- so weird.

will check out the other blogs- always nice to have something new to read.

great shorts by the way, I need to have more courage with shorts

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Olivia - yep!

Rose - I know, I've heard so much about it and every time I go in there now I find myself scrutinising the staff to see if they fit the profile.

The shorts are...short. I used to be shy about wearing shorts but then I looked around in the hot weather and realised that although I might have my little hang ups I look completely acceptable compared to 90% of the men walking round with their beer guts hanging out and girls who are trying to "tan and walk" by exposing as much wobbly flesh as possible...