Tuesday, September 07, 2010


A couple of weeks ago if you'd told me I'd be able to go to the premiere of Sofia Coppola's new film, Somewhere, at the Venice Film Festival I'd have given you a strongly sceptical look. Even an hour before the premiere itself, on a boat heading towards the Lido (where the film festival is held) the idea that we would actually get to see the film seemed increasingly unlikely.
But. Sometimes - very rarely, the stars all align and you get a break, thanks to lovely Venetian friends going above and beyond the call of duty and thanks to unbelievably kind total strangers. By the end of the night I had been awake for 22 hours, running mostly on adrenalin, had claimed I was having a mental breakdown at least four times, and was now floating around in a state of stunned disbelief mixed with contentment.
I think we'll start with the red carpet. This is something, along with getting autographs that I've never really understood the attraction of. But for Sofia, obviously, we staked out our spot right at the front by the doors, trained our lenses and stood firm, still uncertain if we would see the film ourselves.
People began to arrive and I would say the taste level of the attendees was higher than most premieres but maybe I'm biased. Some great swishy dresses, thanks to Louis Vuitton, which also hosted a party for the film at the Palazzo Polignac on the Grand Canal afterwards.
Along came Zoe Cassavetes, a bonus surprise appearance by Clemence Poesy, Bianca Brandolini. The Italian contingent was obviously very popular with the crowd, though Laura Chiatti's make up artist was probably quietly dumped in a canal later on for the black lipstick debacle.
The guys from Phoenix (who did the soundtrack) were greeted with silence by the Italian crowd who didn't know them - I was tempted to shout "Branco!" so they didn't feel left out, but controlled myself and maintained my serious photographer stance. Earlier on I had been postulating as to whether they would fully tux up, as Thomas always does when he accompanies Sofia to premieres. You can see they sort of nodded to the idea, and Christian Mazzalai was too cute in his velvet jacket and bow tie. And yes, I'm sorry, they all had extremely beautiful women on their arms. (And of course Thomas arrived later in a tux and by Sofia's side.)

Then came Roman Coppola and girlfriend Jennifer Furches, sweet Elle Fanning in a dress very reminiscent of one of her costumes in the film - all smiles and excitement. Stephen Dorff bounded around looking slick and keeping it together; they both came right down to the crowd, signing everything and chatting. I don't know if all premieres are super friendly like this because I've never been to (or wanted to go to) one before.
And then, in the distance, a small figure in black appeared.
{my personal photos - please don't use any without asking me first. Zoe Cassavetes in LV, Clemence Poesy, Laura Chiatti, Deck d'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai of Phoenix, Roman Coppola and Jennifer Furches, Stephen Dorff (Johnny Marco), Elle Fanning (Cleo)}


If Jane said...

OMG!!! wow! how fantastic are you! so happy that you got to go to one of the holy film trinity festivals! and great photos!!! ok... i really hope that my !!!! express my excitement! and yes i am going to tell everyone that you were there (because you being there is like, kinda, sorta in a metaphysical way...like i was there! ) ;)) HA!
cannot wait to hear more!

ps...love love love the kindness of strangers...;)

Bombay Beauty said...

Brilliantly well done... beats by a factor of n the obscure documentary I saw at last year's film festival... waiting for a review of the film! xo bb

If Jane said...

ps...i would have shouted "branco"! ;))

anna said...

Amen to that. What a dudette you are. I especially like Clemence's outfit: subversive...then again, I suspect she would look good in a plastic bag. Can't wait for the next installment. I can't speak Italian, so I will say it in Swedish: Tack sa mycket!

Rose said...

a- mazing. madly jealous and very pleased for you. also pleased Stephen Dorph has got himself together.

Andrea G said...

"And yes, I'm sorry, they all had extremely beautiful women on their arms." that just killed me...