Sunday, December 12, 2010


The hearts are up. Now it's officially Christmas. I haven't bought a single card or present yet. I only need to get around ten presents oh so, so, many thanks to sensible family present buying amnesty negotiations.

I plan to spend most of today collecting pine cones and branches and I need to buy some metallic paint. My sewing fingers are twitching at the ready for some craftastic Christmas decorating. Be warned, step by step pictures will be forthcoming - you know how I go all Martha.

{my photo - papercut hearts bought from Shelf in Cheshire Street a few years ago}


ephemerette said...

Aww those hearts are very pretty.

We don't really *do* xmas massively at home but it's my dad's bithday on xmas day so we do that instead. I have an urge to string mini bunting and pompom garlands about - but really struggling to launch myself into crafting mode right now.

If Jane said...

oh pretty!
you do do pretty well!! ;))
is it snowing ?

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

E - The crafting thing suddenly comes on like a fever - I have no control over it!

If Jane - no snow for a week or so, but there's still some on the ground because it's still cold. I want more snow (but not the accompanying chaos and entire country shutdown)

emma. said...

I remember when you got those hearts- you bought the pretty white earrings too!

Bombay Beauty said...

this is martha's time of year -- indeed if i could get the beauty of snow without the chaos and slush i would be all for it! xo bb